About Thunder Pain and Wellness

We understand that most people with chronic pain don’t have a simple, underlying condition that can be fixed or cured. The injury or condition that initially caused your pain may have resolved, but the pain continues because of changes to your nervous system. With this in mind, we focus most of our efforts on helping people calm and heal their nervous systems instead of simply masking their pain. Our approach has been very effective in decreasing our patients’ pain and improving the quality of their lives.

About Us

We’re a unique pain management practice in Reno for many reasons, but here are a few:

  • When you call our office, you get a person, not a phone tree. Our staff knows most patients by name.

  • Appointments aren’t rushed and are never double-booked.

  • All treatment rooms are private.

  • Parking is convenient and easily accessible.

After their first visit with us, patients often say they feel like they’ve finally been heard. Working together with you, we’ll use the experience and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years to help you start living a better, less painful life.