Dr. Thunder's Commitment to his Patients

Dr. Thunder is committed to helping his patients improve by using an integrative, whole-body approach to pain management. As a result of his experience and his in-depth research of chronic pain issues, he believes that the use of many medications that are currently prescribed for pain actually do more harm than good over the long-term.

Dr. Thunder understands that many patients are frightened by the idea of dealing with their chronic pain without the use of certain medications, such as opioids. Dr. Thunder’s goal is to work with his patients to improve their quality of life and as such is not a believer in the shock-and-awe approach of drastically decreasing prescriptions.

However, Dr. Thunder has found that opioids actually perpetuate and worsen chronic pain by causing increased sensitivity of the nervous system. As such, he is committed to helping his patients gradually taper down the amount of opioids they take, with the goal of eventually stopping them entirely.

There are some medications that Dr. Thunder does not prescribe because he believes they are dangerous or counter-productive to the patient’s long-term wellbeing. These medications include:

  • Soma (carisoprodol)

  • Benzodiazepines, such as, but not limited to:

    • Valium (diazepam)

    • Xanax (alprazolam)

    • Ativan (lorazepam)

If these medications are being used for muscle relaxation, anxiety, or insomnia, there are multiple alternative medications and therapies which are superior. Dr. Thunder will be happy to discuss them with you during your initial visit.